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AI-enhanced personal healthcare monitoring

CatAI digital health platform

About our company

CatAI was founded in late 2021 to meet the urgent need for dependable remote patient monitoring that would both promote patient health and reduce hospital overcrowding, with all its associated ill effects.

Building on their knowledge and experience in emergency healthcare and in computer science, its co-founders and the multidisciplinary experts they have added to their team have developed a next-generation remote personal healthcare monitoring platform that is already proving its effectiveness and reliability in large healthcare organizations.

The company has three patents pending on different components of its solution, and is continuing to add new features in order to further improve the services it provides in the field of remote patient monitoring.

Advantages that set us apart

Medical Data Export

Readings, non-transmitting devices can be monitored; eliminates the need and cost of replacing them with advanced transmitting models


Smartphone based, no need for dedicated hardware; decouples hardware-software dependency

Any app

Any healthcare provider’s app can be used, not only CatAI’s proprietary app

Enhanced accuracy

Reliable; eliminates human error in manual recording of medical device readings and test results


Straightforward integration to any EMR software

Home surveillance

Allows earlier discharge from hospital, with the ability to continue monitoring the patient at home

Frees up resources

Frees up valuable manpower, financial and logistical resources that would otherwise be needed for hospitalizing more patients for monitoring purposes

Family members

Family members are assured that they will be alerted if the medical condition of their loved one shows signs of deterioration

Reduces costs

Reduces healthcare costs resulting from the detection of the first signs of health deterioration and complications, which can be avoided, or their consequences mitigated

Machine learning

AI and machine learning enable providing real-time alerts on irregularities and arising medical complications, enabling taking action to prevent further deterioration and risk to human life


Reduces the risk of cross infections and other harmful potential consequences of hospital overcrowding

Comfort and serenity

Patients remain in their familiar surroundings, surrounded by their caring family members

Mobile application

Making reliable remote personalized healthcare widely accessible.
Enables entering large amounts of medical data directly and accurately into patient files.

Sabar Health

Sabar Health Home Hospital – the largest home hospitals service in Israel, considered one of the leading physician-based home hospital in the world. CatAI monitors all Sabar’s congestive heart failure (CHF) patients.

Council Authority (Israel)

CatAI conducts remote monitoring of the regional council’s elderly population, in partnership with United Hatzalah (the largest independent, non-profit, volunteer-based emergency medical services organization in the country).

Meuhedet HMO

Israel's third largest health insurance and medical services organization. 

LACOL Nursing & Welfare Company Ltd


Sal Medical - House of Medical Entrepreneurship


Kamillion integration

Medica TLV


Startup Program Member


Startup Program Member

Satisfied customers & partners

CatAI’s solution is offered as SaaS.

Negotiations with additional clients are in the process of being finalized.

CatAI detected and alerted to a patient’s chronic increased heart rate. This allowed identifying that the problem was caused by an error in administering medication. Once corrected, normal pulse rate was resumed.

A continuous drop in a patient’s blood glucose level in the morning was detected. It was found to have been caused by incorrect insulin dosage erroneously administered the evening before. The real-time alert allowed immediately adjusting the dose.

Pulse pressure narrowing was detected (implying dehydration). In response to the alert provided by CatAI, the dose of Lasix was adjusted and the patient’s condition improved.

A congestive heart failure (CHF) patient showed low heart rates. When the rate decreased below 60, there was a clear correlation with low blood oxygen saturation. This was reflected to the caregivers, to consider changes in the dosage of her betha-blockers.

In another case of correlation between the heart rate and blood oxygen saturation level: A CHF patient’s saturation level dropped significantly when her heart rate rose about 110. CatAI alerted the patient’s physician, who made the necessary medication adjustment to keep her heart rate below the dangerous level.

CatAI alerted to a drop in a patient’s heart rate to a level below 50, which could cause serious arrhythmia, and place the patient’s life at risk.

According to a CHF patient’s protocol, he was required to transmit his heart rate, weight and blood pressure measurements only. However, when he started transmitting his blood glucose level measurements as well, CatAI detected that the values were out of the normal range. The physician was alerted, and changed the medication regimen to gain glycemic control.

A 57 year old patient suffered a spontaneous brain hemorrhage. He was diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus and started receiving treatment. CatAI-monitored vitals revealed that the treatment failed to control his blood glucose level. The consequent change in treatment led to a drop in his glucose level from 160 to 105, decreasing the risk of a repeat brain hemorrhage.

A CHF patient uploaded his weight as required by his tailored protocol. The uploaded weight data showed a 4 kg gain in 2 days, suggesting poor CHF control. Following the receipt of an alert, the physician increased the prescribed diuretics, leading to an improvement in the patient’s condition.

A CHF patient uploaded his blood glucose levels, although the protocol defined for her by her physician did not include this parameter. The results revealed a trend toward hypoglycemia, which is a life-threatening condition, to which CatAI alerted. After changes in the patient’s diet, her condition improved.

Success stories

A small share of cases in which CatAI alerted to irregularities and issues requiring urgent attention, enabling medical practitioners to take quick remedial action:


For further information, please contact us:


As the global population ages, the number of patients, and specifically elderly patients requiring healthcare monitoring, continues to rise, further increasing the burden placed on the healthcare system.

Hospital overcrowding results in a number of undesirable consequences:

  • Overloads the medical staff, which has less – often, insufficient – time to devote to each patient

  • ​Increases the probability of human error

  • ​Amplifies the risk of errors in administering medication

  • Causes medical caregivers to miss early signs of deterioration

  • ​Increases the risk of cross-infection​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • ​​​Heavy financial costs​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Co-founder & CHO

Dr. Shlomi Israelit

Surgeon and emergency medicine specialist. Holder of an M.Sc. degree in Physics and a Ph.D. degree in neuroscience.

Co-founder & CTO

Avi Motova

Specializes in computer vision. Has earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences.

Co-founder & CEO

Avner Rouach

Former commander of an elite air force unit. Extensive experience in managing an innovation department in a large organization. Holds BA & EMBA degrees.

Co-founder & COO

Ofer Bar

Entrepreneur, owns and heads a number of companies in different fields.

Business Development Manager

Roi Zigdon

Has earned LLB and Executive MBA degrees, graduate of a Directors and Senior Executives course. CEO & Co-founder of B.H.T Medical Ltd. Director, board member and advisor to several companies.

Chief Information Officer

 Diana Datel

Experienced in Medical Information Systems, has earned Bachelor's degree in Computer Sciences and a degree in Information System Analysis.

Chief Marketing Officer

Dr. Yifat Erlich Shoham

Wound care and community health care products. 

Account Manager

Talya Israelit

Student at TAU University, B.A in Biology& Psychology

 Data Analysis

 Noa Glaz

Student at Reichman University, Dual B.A in Psychology & Business

CMO - Oralyze

Dr. Dalit Porat Ben Amy

Head of the Oral Medicine Unit at TZMC.

Holds DMD, MsC and MBA degrees.

Senior caregiver, Sabar Health – home hospital

"Thanks to the CatAI system, the patients I monitor can maintain constant contact with me. The system allows me to continuously track the medical condition of my patients, and provides me with precise, high-quality information about their medical status in their natural environment.

Using CatAI, I am able to form a reliable and full picture of the medical situation of all my patients. The system directs my attention to those whose condition is deteriorating. The interface is intuitive and easy to use; with one glance, I can see which of my patients needs close monitoring and special attention.   For example, when the system alerts to reduced saturation coupled with weight gain, I know that I need to consider changing the patient’s medical treatment. Changes in blood pressure and heart rate also indicate problems that need to be addressed without delay.

As a caregiver attending to congestive heart failure patients, early identification of changes in their medical condition enables me to act quickly, and often prevent further deterioration. The system’s alerts to changes in vital parameters allow me to make data-driven decisions and immediately adjust the treatment.

Importantly, I find that the patients’ response to using the CatAI app is amazing, far beyond my expectations. The process itself is simple and easy for them to execute, the app is extremely user friendly, and they are very pleased to receive my feedback."


Iris & Koby, Israel

"Thank you CatAI - Your app saved my husband.

Years of unstable blood glucose levels have now ended, thanks to you.


Following his stroke, my husband’s physicians warned him that he simply must stabilize his blood glucose levels. Upon his discharge from the hospital to a rehabilitation at home, he started using the CatAI app. His glucose levels were unbalanced, despite having taken prescribed medication for years. With the glucose results reported via the app, at different times of the day , his physician was able to examine his glucose levels, and referred him to specialists at a diabetes center. These specialists changed my husband’s medication regimen based on the glucose test results recorded at various hours of the day, and within several days, his glucose level stabilized at 100.


The ability to continuously record the glucose results, the ability of the specialist to easy access the data, and importantly – the ability to continue tracking the glucose level after the change in medication, helped us resolve a problem that my husband had been suffering from for years.
CatAI app is very easy to use, and definitely saves lives."

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